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Grim faces and Grimm's fairytales
Isn't it sad, a friendship gone stale?
Lets find a sunken ship and sail home

Another cup of tea won't do me any good
The only time I speak I'm misunderstood
The reason things are sad and beautiful is the same


When I'm far away I miss your human hum
Part of me will vanish when your memories go numb
Thank you for your time, your peace, your empathy



A tale told by an idiot will be heard
The boy who lived in dreams and the one who fell into his world

When you reach the edge of sadness will it turn it's opposite?

She walked into a dream and saw him by the stream
He came to her, a strange new creature like he'd never seen
And through the night they soared, the stars were sprinkled gold
And of his dream they were the king and queen, their echos roared

In dreams she couldn't stay, the day took her away
But had he known why she had gone it would have eased the pain
Then Darkness wrapped the dream, a swarm of broken beings
Flooded in and buried him, his blood ran down the stream

One night she returned to the dream to find the stars had ceased
Lying in the ash who once was a boy was now a beast
She knew it was him for she saw the starlight in his eyes
He knew not who approached 'cause the stars and pain had left him blind

As she neared he slashed and left her dress a stain of red
He recognized her cry but it was too late for she had fled
Then silence filled the world and the beast could see what he'd become
He couldn't bare the weight or the poison of what he'd done

The edge of sadness tore him to pieces, watch a whole world shattering
The edge of madness burst into freedom, when he arose and left the dream


One time a kid loved us
Then he grew up
Oh we are the broken toys

Loved one moment 

Then thrown away

By the girls and boys
Got no place in history books
Got no lasting home
Fated to return to the plastic heaps 
Where we come from 

We're all made of the same material 

No one is special

We chip and rust

Then we get tossed

A junkyard burial

To be replaced 

To be erased 

Lost in oblivion 

When our kid's no longer a kid 

A childhood hero's gone

From the factory to the fire

Our fate is one we bare 

All that matters was a time

A moment we hold dear

For a moment we helped make a kid feel less alone


Fireflies, they give me light 
Kept in a jar like a small sun

I collect them every night

Watch them go out one by one

Cut out your tongue little fairy

I will rip off your wings

The curiosity of a child

Will pull you apart

Destroy you to see what you are made of 
To know is to love

Amniotic tears soak the babies cheeks

The fairy runs and hides

Her scars have not yet healed 

He watches closely as she dies

The incisions dripping fluid 

A life tears a life apart 

The parasites, they stain my vision

Thoughts & entrails all spill out

Destroy you to see what you are made of 
To know is to love


She left small daydreams for me to find
A strange friend you are, let's share a mind

Our Lives have been circling longer than we know
Off the precipice we will fall

Stars are dripping from the night sky
Her nightmares leak into my life

Caught, ensnared, entangled in your scent, your scent
A witch's web is spun
She shattered my detachment, detachment
Silenced my quiet, calm
Send a shiver down my existence, existence
Remind me that I'm here
She shattered my reflection, reflection
She broke

Our lives have been circling longer than we know
Off the precipice we all fall


Wordless riddles follow me
My dark eyed mystery
Saw past the mask I keep
And called me a wild thing

She stood by me
A Haunted Dream
She stood by me

As the dust is scattering
The world becomes a memory
My dark eyed mystery


An Orange Clockwork

The Sheep were born black
They were just painted white
An Orange clockwork
Sucks Yarbles day & night

No, Oh no...

You bear less life than my blowup doll
The painter used his brains

To decorate the wall

No, oh no...

Stick a band-aid on my life
And blow me a kiss
Stick a poisoned media IV into your precious kids

No, on no....

Don't know what to do
The broken rules broke you
Go destroy the truth
We're the world's ugly youth
Nothing's meant to be
I really gotta pee
Your life will jolt & shake
Your birth was a mistake

No, on no....

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